Companies in the Marijuana Industry Making an Impact on Our Communities

There’s no denying that the cannabis industry is definitely a booming one. At some point, everybody’s talking about it because it affects them one way or another. Companies in this industry are trailblazers in their own ways and their impacts are significant. These companies even live by the saying that you can get rich if you consistently do the right thing.

Knowing that they have the ability to create bigger impacts, some companies put a significant amount of focus on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Here, we’re going to look at what companies prioritize CSR and maybe you can find one nearby.



Canopy Growth

This 5-year old company has long envisioned itself to be one of the top companies in the world. One of their milestones is being one of the first cannabis companies to be publicly traded in North America. That’s already a feat, given that there weren’t really a lot of states that were open to marijuana.
What’s amazing abut this company is that they’re partnered with lots of CSR individuals and organizations that have proven track records. One of their major campaigns is the Save Driving. They’re partnered with Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
Another CSR campaign that they have is the Youth and Cannabis – Developing Education Tools. They’ve specifically partnered this with Parent Action on Drugs and Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy.
They have tons of other CSR campaigns that all have relations to their cause. This is one of the companies that are really out there to help out and live up to their responsibilities.

Bloom Farms

This is a company that’s truly known for their efforts to help the communities. Their primary mission is to bring safe and enjoyable products for people who want to become healthy through cannabis.

They’re also made sure that their farming is sustainable and responsible enough to help the communities that are near them.
What really made them famous last year was their effort million-dollar donation to a food program. The founder of Bloom Farms, Michael Ray, said that the real catalyst of change is people. Their program has given their customers their own ways to help those who need it. For every product a customer bought, a meal was donated.
Bloom Farms focused on child food insecurity in California because the rate was alarming at 20%, meaning one in every five children don’t have enough food to eat. This is the heart of their one-for-one program that was highly inspired by TOMS’ one-for-one pair of shoes.
More than just that, each employee from this company was given a five-hour paid time each month where they can choose to volunteer their time. Most employees even choose to partner with food banks.


This company values not just being a compliant business but also being a supporter and provider for their communities. Based in Colorado, they wanted to support their communities through different community investments, volunteering programs, and fundraising efforts.

As what their website says, “We don’t just give back, we give forward.” They’ve also redefined CSR as Cannabis Social Responsibility with their different donations and volunteer work with local nonprofit organizations.
Their main beneficiaries are those who are homeless, hungry, old, and vulnerable. What’s more amazing is that each of their retail locations have partners that they give support for food and other needs.
Every quarter, they also conduct volunteer activities with their partnered organization. It seems like this company really aims to help people more than they sell cannabis products. Of course, their sales also sustain their activities.

Yerba Buena

This is an Oregon-based award-winning cultivator that produces products that are consistently clean and worshipped by users. They’re not just a great company but they also see to it that they do their CSR.
As what their Operations Manager, Laura Rivero, said, she wanted to convince people to see themselves at a crucial state where they can drive the industry and the movement.
This company has recently decided to support people of color and women through employing them in their company. With over half of the employees being women and a quarter being people of color, they’re doing a great job in letting these discriminated groups have a chance to earn a living.

Gone are the days when emerging companies only focused on themselves and didn’t really care about their corporate social responsibility. The companies highlighted above are going out of their ways and trying their best to earn as much as they need to continue their support to the communities.
These trailblazers are definitely the kind of companies that businesses should be inspired about. Their small efforts go a long way, even for those who have nothing to earn. Hopefully, more and more cannabis businesses will follow their footsteps and redefine Cannabis Social Responsibility.

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