Obesity Effects on the Body – The Obvious and Not So Obvious

I watched a TV program last night, highlighting the lifestyle of a young man from Birmingham in the UK. He has the dubious honor of being the fattest man in Britain at around 700 pounds. By his own admission his current obesity condition is self-induced and despite the fact that his mobility is severely restricted and his life expectancy reduced dramatically, he is locked into this routine of self abuse through diet.

The man regularly eats two “Full English Breakfasts” (fried bacon, eggs etc) then consumes anything up to 40 pints of beer and has been known to order “everything” off the menu at his local Indian restaurant. He has to realize that his days are numbered. This man is literally eating himself to death.

To a lesser extent millions of other people are slowly, systematically heading in the same direction by following their chosen dietary lifestyle without considering the effect this is having upon their bodies, their life expectancy and also their quality of life.

Obesity Effects on the Body

Every time I go food shopping I see the overwhelming evidence of human greed and it saddens me to see shopping carts piled high with sugars carbohydrates and saturated fats. Over abundance of food and the relatively low cost is leading many sections of humanity down the wrong path.

In many parts of the world poverty is still an issue and people struggle to obtain sufficient food to sustain life and many suffer the effects of malnutrition. Where have civilized societies failed? Why are we eating ourselves into early graves and sacrificing health for over indulgence?

The problem is two-fold with quantities consumed generally attributable to greed and the other is ignorance of what’s in our food. On the one hand we have foodstuffs with added vitamins and minerals for improved health and then manufactures are allowed to stuff us full of saturated fat, excess sugar and high sodium (salt) levels.

Every day I see people with weight problems, struggling with their reduced mobility, often with the use of aids or worse still, wheelchair bound and many are relatively young. The lack of mobility and breathing difficulties are obvious effects of overeating and poor quality diet, but what about the less obvious ailments that come with it. Heart conditions, diabetes, ulcers, and several forms of cancer are just a few of the potential dangers obese people face.

Isn’t it time to review your diet and make that necessary change that might just save your life?

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